Tips to protect your rights after a car crash in Huntington Beach


Car accidents are not unusual on the ever-busy lanes of Huntington Beach. When you are injured in a car crash in the city, you must take immediate action. California’s fault-based system allows you to recover a settlement from the at-fault driver, but you are also responsible for providing evidence. It is pertinent that you protect your rights, and in this post, we have enlisted the tips you need.

  1. Don’t run away from the scene. Even when you believe that the accident is not a major one, you should call the local police and wait at the site. Do not assume you can leave, no matter what the other driver says. Also, if someone is seriously injured, you must call 911.
  2. Don’t argue with the other driver. Things you say at the scene could be used against you. Ensure you are calm after the crash, especially when you know the other party was liable for the situation. Avoid discussing details except for sharing names, contact particulars, and insurance info.
  3. Don’t admit fault. California laws are geared towards victims, and even if you are primarily responsible for the accident, you may still have a claim. However, do not admit your wrongdoing to the police or others at the scene.
  4. Don’t trust the insurance adjuster. The insurance company doesn’t want to pay a high settlement and will do everything to minimize the outcome for you. The claims adjuster’s soft attitude is always pleasing, but don’t fall for the tactics.
  5. Call an injury lawyer. You need a reliable personal injury lawyer for your claim. Look for a law firm that’s based in Huntington Beach and specializes in car accident claims. Ensure that the lawyer has experience of representing clients in court.
  6. Avoid sharing details on social media. Your accident is a matter of concern, but the facts don’t need an announcement. Anything about the crash on your social accounts can be used against you by the insurance company.
  7. Don’t miss out on treatment. If your doctor has suggested a treatment plan for your injuries, you need to follow the same. Also, keep up with all appointments and go for scheduled physical therapy sessions as recommended.

Finally, be honest with your injury lawyer and share everything you remember about the crash. They need your support and will do the required investigation to find evidence. Call an attorney now and ask for an appointment. 

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