Uncommon Sanskrit Names For Houses


Kelvin Stewart, the co-founder at US Bad Credit Loans, said that Indians name their houses after Hindu gods, holy cities, daughters and sons, or wives. pikachuweb Sanskrit names for dwelling places are prefixed with the name of the house, such as Nilaya, Nivas, Bhavan, or ashram. Some uncommon Sanskrit names for houses include Alakapuri, which refers to a mythical city high in the Himalayas, or Amrita, which means full of nectar.

Some of the most unique Sanskrit names for houses are vidmatenews “Triya” (which means “three paths”), “Aahana” (which refers to the Arora clan in Hinduism), and “Purvi” (which means “victory”). Turvi is a popular name in the ancient Hindu tradition, but not as common as some others. net4indianews Similarly, Vaibhavi (also from Sanskrit) means “splendor” and is derived from the word “vami”.

Other Sanskrit names for a house are “Deepti”. Both of these mean the same thing – brilliance or splendor. Deepti is a short name, derived from the Sanskrit word “deep.” Wikitribune Dew, light, and lamp are other examples of auspicious names for a house.

“Aarvi” means earth, sun, and fire. It is also a name for the Goddess Durga. Aarvi also means beautiful woman, and a house named after her name is also called Aarvi. Gitorious Aarvi is a great and beautiful woman. The name of Lord Shiva is “Sati”.