Ways of Making Real Money Online Without Spending a Lot of Time

There are many ways to make money online that don’t require you to spend a lot of time. Many of these ways can be done from home and are a lot of fun. One way is to try your hand at gambling. If you know how to play poker, or like to try your luck at the casino, this option is for you. Also if you have a knack for sports. There is an option to betting in India on sports. If you like to draw and write, you can sell your work. You can do this on different sites and Facebook Marketplace or by creating your own e-commerce site. Selling your artwork, betting on sports and gambling is a great way to make money at home.


Swagbucks allows you to earn money by participating in online activities. You can get rewards such as gift cards from your favorite retailers or cash back through PayPal. It’s a great opportunity for people who spend a lot of time online. It’s worth noting that it takes time to make a lot of money.

You will need to choose a day each week to start earning Swagbucks points. You can usually earn between 10 and 20 SB points per 10-20 search queries. However, it will depend on how often you search for different things. Six months worth of searches will net you around PS300. Another way to earn money with Swagbucks is to take surveys. Answering questions about popular services and products can help you earn small sums.

Another way to earn SB points is by watching online videos. Swagbucks has a wide variety of videos spanning different topics. They’re usually around 1 minute in length. Click on the featured deal to earn SB. Blue Apron memberships are often included in these deals. After you have earned enough SB you can redeem them for real cash.


SkillShare is an online platform that offers classes for creative people who have no formal training or accreditation. This platform allows creators all around the globe to share and create their courses. Teachers create videos and other materials that teach others how to do various things. Then, they get paid based on how many people watch their course.

This site promotes collaboration. You can join groups and connect with other creators by participating in discussions and asking for feedback. In addition, groups are a great way to learn new skills and connect with peers. You can also interact with fellow students by asking questions and commenting.

The website is easy to use and you can easily find courses you are interested in. These courses last approximately an hour and can be broken down into 5-6 sections. The videos are generally short, but cover the basics.

Low-risk investments

Low-risk investments are a great way to make money online. These investments have lower returns but can yield profits. Moreover, these investments do not require much money to start.