What Deadman Reborn is All About


If you’re good at Old School RuneScape’s Deadman Mode and want to make some moolah, this is your chance.

According to MMO Populations, Old Schools RuneScape is an engaging MMO over 35 million people love. This game is terrific in terms of its complexity and grindiness. And if you’re a long-term player who feels the need for a change, there are plenty of alternative game modes you can try and switch up for a change. You can try playing as an Ironman and conquer Gielinor on your own. You won’t be able to use your hard-earned OSRS GP to trade with other players, and you won’t be able to sell your goodies on the GE to obtain OSRS gold either. There are plenty of variations that will restrict you even further. You can try hardcore ironman, ultimate ironman, or even group ironman and even the last addition: unranked group ironman. And if you want a version of Old School RuneScape that focuses more on PvP, there’s the Deadman Mode (DMM) for you to try.

The General Mechanics of Deadman

While other game modes are available to members and F2P, Deadman is only available to members. This is not a popular game mode, and you can only play it on a US server, which will give you a huge disadvantage in terms of ping if you’re not from the US. The current world for Deadman mode is 345. You’ll advance much faster with a five times boost on all of the experience, except the one given as a quest reward. You won’t get more OSRS items or more OSRS GP. Experience-wise. You won’t be able to get any from most instanced activities either, except Prayer and Construction XP in your player-owned house and XP at Tempoross. This is because other players can’t attack you there. Besides OSRS GP, you’ll also have a different currency available. It is called blood money, and you can use it to buy Deadman armor.

This game mode is so intense that once in a while, Jagex creates seasonal servers, and whoever wins gets a $20k prize for their efforts. But only the top 2000 Deadman can participate, and they will start fresh. Last year, Jagex finally updated this game mode and launched Deadman Reborn. On top of all the rules and restrictions from the classic Deadman Mode, Deadman Reborn has a few tweaks that aim to bring the challenge to the next level.

Restrictions and Disabled Content

If you want to try the Deadman Mode, be aware that some of the OSRS items and activities you can do in the regular game mode are either disabled or restricted. This means that you won’t be able to have specific OSRS items that you can obtain only through those activities, nor will you be required to complete them for achievement diary tasks. You won’t be able to play one of the minigames that’s in dire need of an update, Trouble Brewing. You can’t participate in the PvP minigames either. Castle Wars, Soul Wars, and LMS are also disabled; so are the Rat Pits and Fight Pits. Minigame teleports are also disabled.

In addition, you won’t be able to use other helpful stuff like stash units, bolt pouches, or scrying pools. One of the handiest prayers for PvP contexts, protect item, is also disabled. There’s no Yanille POH portal or any yew or magic tree in safe zones, and those useful pools of refreshment in Ferox Enclave are also gone.

Deadman’s Death Mechanics

The death mechanics is one of the unique parts of the Deadman Mode. PvP is enabled everywhere except a few safe locations such as the Tutorial Island, Port Phasmatys, Rellekka, Koureand Castle, Falador, or East Ardougne. On top of this, there are a few banks where you’ll be safe, like the Seers’ Village Bank or the Catherby bank. You can die anywhere unless you’re in one of these safe havens. When you attack another player, you’ll get a skull that prevents you from safely entering the safe zones. If you do, you will be attacked and killed by the guards.

Not only will you lose all of the worn items and your inventory, but you will also lose 10 of the most valuable stacks in your bank. These ten stacks are dropped in the form of a bank key, and you can have at most five such keys from killing other players. You can also save up to 10 individual valuable OSRS items by insuring them.

When you die, you will also lose some of the experience. The experience loss is dependent on the difference in the combat level between you and the player who killed you or who got killed by you. You’ll be able to select five skills that this experience loss won’t touch. You can additionally insure the hitpoints skill once you reach levels 25, 50, and 75.

What Makes Deadman Reborn Special?

On top of the regular deadman mode rules and restrictions, Deadman Reborn brings a new timer and anti-boxing mechanics – another feature that resembles the league’s features are the sigils! Mobs won’t only drop items and OSRS GP, but they have a chance to drop these sigils that have different boosting effects on experience and can give other various benefits. 

You’ll be able to spend your OSRS gold and buy them from other players only through the Grand Exchange. However, you can lose all your sigils once you’ve extinguished the last of your three lives; this is specific to reborn. Some quests and other content will automatically unlock at the start or once you reach a certain level.

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