What Happened to Jesse Martin?

The longtime fan of the hit drama series, “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit,” may be wondering: What happened to Jesse Martin? Martin, who played a corrupt cop in the show’s fourth season, has not been seen in over a decade. The actor took a medical leave after the fourth episode of the fifth season to pursue his career in the music industry. The upcoming fifth season will be his last on the show.

The star played the character of Detective Ed Green for nine seasons on “Law & Order.” He joined the show during season 10 and stayed through season 18, but his character was written off after being indicted for shooting a man. The actor’s character was replaced by Anthony Anderson, who is a member of the Law and Order cast. During his time away from the show, Martin completed a feature film titled “Peter and Vandy.”

In his early days, Martin was sure he would make it in show business. He recalled telling customers to keep their dinner checks so he could be famous one day. Now, the 51-year-old has a successful career in the music and movie industry. It’s still unclear how long Martin will be away from the iconic drama. And what will happen to his character now? NBC declined to comment on the story.

According to sources, “L&O” will move forward with a new cast member. While the character’s name has not been revealed, the actress will play the wife of a drug kingpin in New York City. The show featured him in the episode “Charity Case” in 2007.

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