What you need to know about diesel water pump prices in Kenya


Do you wonder what a diesel water pump is? Worry no more. It is somewhat complex equipment. It uses diesel in operation, as the name suggests. They are responsible for pumping water over short or long distances. Continue reading this article and discover more about these pumps you did not know.

Diesel water pumps are powerful graco pump that can push water at high or low pressure. They are more powerful than petrol water pumps and consume less fuel. These pumps can pump water over a two-kilometer distance with proper pump sizing and pipe selection. These types of pumps are effective, long-lasting, and powerful.

Types of diesel water pumps

High-pressure pumps

These are capable of pumping water at high speeds while using little fuel. Because of their low flow rates, they are only useful for pumping water on abandoned land.

Low-pressure pumps

These have the ability to pump large amounts of water. On flat land, they work more efficiently.

Applications of diesel water pumps

They are primarily employed in irrigation. For those who practice large-scale farming in water-stressed areas, these can include rain sprinklers, drip irrigation, and rain hose pumping.

The pumps are used by firefighters to extinguish fires. Because they pump water at extremely high speeds and pressures.

These water pumps are effective for pumping community water. If equipped with good pipes, the pumps’ ability to pump water in hilly areas can supply water to the entire community.

Features of high-pressure pumps

  • Their flow rate ranges between 39-48m3, and this delivers enough water capacity.
  • They have an 85-95m long head, which ensures the pumping of water in sloppy areas and long distances on flat land.
  • They have a suction height of 6m.
  • Depending on the type, power ranges from 10 to 14 HP.
  • They have an average outlet size of 3.
  • They are made of iron.

Features of low-pressure pumps

  • Their flow rate is 508m/h, and this delivers enough water capacity.
  • They have a head of 50m and below, which ensures gentle pumping on flat land.
  • Their suction height is 6m.
  • Power ranges from 10-14 HP, depending on the type.
  • Outlet size is commonly 3.
  • They are made of iron.

Diesel water pump price in Kenya

Diesel water pumps prices in Kenya range from low to high depending on the brand, features, and quality. High-quality water pumps are the most expensive, while low-quality are cheap. Depending on their rising need, their prices continuously reduce with the rate remaining high. It makes them available to every farmer.

Care and maintenance of diesel water pumps

  • You should check their physical condition regularly to ensure no damage.
  • You should lubricate movable parts like bearings to avoid wearing them out easily.
  • You need to also change the oil depending on the manufacturer’s specifications.


Diesel water pumps are the best option for anyone looking for high productivity at a low cost. You are highly advised to make an investment in one, and you will never be regretful.