Why is your content not working?


Probably, at one time you read inspiring articles and cases and began to actively use this method – write expert materials, answer questions that concern your potential clients, monitor the semantic uniqueness of your texts – but almost half a year has passed, and there are still no results. And it seems that you did everything right, exactly as the industry gurus advise, but the traffic never grew, there were no leads, the budget was wasted.

Naturally, the first thought that comes to mind after this is that the effectiveness of content marketing is exaggerated and it is no longer worth doing it. If so, if you have come to this conclusion and plan to abandon this promotional tactic in the near future, please take your time. Perhaps you lacked only one thing to achieve the expected results – this article.

The main goal for which any Internet resource works is to stand out among competing companies and increase your income. To stand out from competitors offering absolutely similar services/products, limiting themselves to one rewriting, firstly, is ridiculous, and secondly, it is impossible. We surf, for example, on the sites of pizzerias and simply choke on these “appetizing crispy crusts”, “old recipes”, “fragrant fresh champignons” and the list goes on. Texts of the same type, in which words are changed to synonyms and there is not a hint of any originality, are of no value either to a potential client or to you. Content created with the goal of “to be” will not only not interest anyone, but also be annoying.

Never for a second should we forget about who we are writing our text for. If your target audience is businessmen or people who have a WordPress developer salary, or entrepreneurs, you should not forget that among them are both people with higher education and people without education at all. Therefore, there is no need to load them with incomprehensible highly specialized terms – no one likes to feel like a Dunno.

Any text, regardless of its size and style, should have one clear main idea. A person who accidentally wandered into your site will not understand the heap of meanings and ambiguous expressions and hints, but will simply close the tab, forever forgetting that he opened it at all. Everyone knows that “the best is the enemy of the good”. No need to reinvent the wheel – write simply, briefly, and to the point using the task management tool.

Maybe now I will say something that is not very pleasant to realize, but your content marketing is not working, most likely for this reason. Most copywriters, especially freelancers, write content just to write it. They’re just doing the signs. They have learned how to roll one small thought or advice onto a whole sheet of text and consider themselves awesome specialists. Do you know what I’ll tell you? Such copywriters are useless. No matter how well they write and no matter how beautiful metaphors they come up with. Nobody needs water. People need useful information. Read books about project management. And the greater its concentration in the article, the greater the chance that they will want to share it. Therefore, you should create such materials in which there is simply a sea of ​​​​usefulness. Once again, SEA. Not just some useful advice rolled out into an entire article, but a LOT of useful advice. So that a person wants to keep this material for himself, in order to put the ideas in it into practice in the future.

To successfully promote the site, it is necessary to increase the audience on social networks. You see, there is such a thing where – you can’t get a lot of traffic without social networks. Even if you create great content, if you don’t have an audience on social media, no one will see it. Yes, you will receive search traffic, but this is not enough. To speed up the process of your promotion as much as possible, you need to register on all popular social networks and actively increase your audience in them. There are a million ways to do this, how to start a new small business.

Content marketing is not a self-sufficient tool. A good blog will help widen the funnel at the entrance, but if you don’t push customers with targeted advertising communications, using scheduling software for your campaign processes, only a small part of them will reach the target action.

The three must-have things for a blog are retargeting and email marketing, a digital marketing strategy. Catch up with users on other sites with recommendations of relevant content. Collect contacts, set up a simple engagement funnel, and gently warm up with mailing lists. Organize the work so that the editor and marketer are well aware of each other’s activities. If the editor is putting together a landing page for a special project, and the marketer is not in the know, then the wave of traffic will not be evaluated and marked up.

Final Thoughts

To finish reading some text, fished out of the informational ocean of the network, is as rare as taking a selfie with the Queen of England. If by some miracle your text was read and even liked, you can safely go on a spree.

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